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How do you like your coffee?

Global TGI has some great facts and figures about the world’s coffee drinking habits.  The Israelis are big lovers of visiting coffee shops (75{1f220ac64b9f6618bf0eb6cb6c1308cba7a01755811f72c92eb8a9a5d4c07adf}) for a really authentic cup of coffee, but they still tend to fall back on instant at home (80{1f220ac64b9f6618bf0eb6cb6c1308cba7a01755811f72c92eb8a9a5d4c07adf}).  Italians know and love their real coffee – with 86{1f220ac64b9f6618bf0eb6cb6c1308cba7a01755811f72c92eb8a9a5d4c07adf} drinking filter […]

Nintendo smartphone step.

Nintendo is teaming up with DeNA (one of the biggest smartphone gaming players in Japan and Asia to reach out to the users that are on DeNA network. This way, Nintendo can start pushing their Nintendo games with their high value properties, such as super Mario, and reach out to millions through the DeNA network.  […]

Wagyu from Aldi.

Aldi got some positive and polite attention last year with its introduction of New Zealand produced Wagyu beef as part of its premium meat range.  Now they’re making headlines as the Wagyu beefburger is available – £2.99 whilst stocks last. This is a great story to generate awareness of Wagyu beef beyond foodie purists.  Wagyu […]

Digital Chinese New Year.

Alibaba has caught up with Wechat – both now have new digital alternatives to the traditional Chinese new year’s gifts of money in red envelopes.  There’s a practical side to it as people are able to avoid the long queues that can form in the rush to get the crispiest and shiniest new notes for […]

Dutch denim.

Amsterdam has become a world capital for denim with high street and high couture brands finding their home here.  The city is well represented by regional headquarters for some of the world’s biggest brand – Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel and Levi’s Vintage Clothing.  Other local and high end brands have equally made Amsterdam home and have […]

Black Friday makes its mark in UK toy sales.

Figures released by the British Toy & Hobby Association ahead of London 2015 Toy Fair show a healthy and growing UK toy market in 2014.  Toy sales in Black Friday week increased by 10{1f220ac64b9f6618bf0eb6cb6c1308cba7a01755811f72c92eb8a9a5d4c07adf} as consumers get ahead of the game to buy higher priced main presents and electronic toys.  So successful has Black Friday week […]

Mobile and the new purchase funnel dynamics.

With screens and platforms multiplying and a world in which we are truly always online, we need a big rethink of the traditional and linear purchase journey. Disrupting and interrupting to the traditional view as this may be, it’s also providing exciting new opportunities for brands to engage consumers.

Fuel cell technology for mass use in cars by 2025.

Speaking at the recent Automobilwoche conference in Berlin, head of the automotive division at Robert Bosch, Wolf-Henning Scheider predicts that fuel cell technology will be commercially viable for mass use in cars by 2025. “They are not out of the race. They are a viable alternative to other zero-emission vehicle technologies,” Scheider said. Daimler, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, […]

Discount supermarkets – here to stay.

The rise of the discount supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi has been sensational and made shoppers stop, think and truly evaluate what the big supermarket chains have been doing.  Falling sales and declining market share among the mainstream – whether Tesco’s in the UK, Carrefour in France or Albert Heijn in the Netherlands – […]

Wearable tech – wristable, washable, and available near you.

Whether it’s the Microsoft band that can monitor health and fitness, or the Nike and Apple collaboration that’s heralding a stylish new departure for wearable technology, it feels like we’ve turned a corner.  This is a truly convergent space – with brands known for consumer technology, sportswear, healthcare brands and navigation all laying down a […]