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We apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies using tried and tested tools:

Creating Futures

Everything is changing faster than we can imagine. Flexibility and agility are the watch words of today’s business reality and brands are looking for ways to anticipate and evaluate the changes that could be coming their way.

CREATING FUTURES is designed to give companies inspiring and practical insights to help understand the range of possible futures just over the horizon.

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Brand & Market Planning

Every brand and market landscape has its own unique potential and challenge. We help businesses discover the full brand potential and ensure a smooth entry into desired markets.

  • Market potential analysis

  • Segmentation analysis

  • Brand positioning & development

  • Brand satisfaction

  • Brand rejection analysis

Consumer Behaviour

With more and more access to information, the way consumers interact with brands continues to change rapidly. We help businesses understand what’s going on in the consumer’s mind and decode both the conscious and unconscious triggers and drivers.

  • Target audience profiling

  • Customer journey & touchpoints

  • Conjoint shopping simulation

Product Development & Innovation

As the need to innovate and stay ahead of the competition intensifies, we help businesses to develop the IDEAL features for future product development – defining and refining their precise competitive advantage.

  • Pricing

  • New product & concept testing

  • Packaging evaluation

  • Innovation workshops

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