Creating Futures

Insight generation – rich, actionable, acountable

We believe that the best insights are created when we are part of the research process from start to finish.

After all, if we can’t be confident of what goes into the process, how can we take responsibility for what comes out?

Full-service market research.

We design research that interrogates the client’s brief and focuses on the key business questions to resolve.  We ensure quality control in the field, and follow through with rigorous data analysis and added value reporting.

We believe in the value of full-service market research. And for many of the multi-market ad hoc assignments in which we specialize, A to Z control is essential – particularly in overcoming the challenges of the more difficult to navigate and fast evolving markets where we frequently work.

We apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies

And draw on a suite of tried and tested tools including:

  • Market potential analysis

  • Segmentation analysis

  • Brand positioning & development

  • Brand satisfaction

  • Brand rejection analysis

  • Target audience profiling

  • Customer journey & touchpoint analysis

  • Conjoint shopping simulation

  • Packaging evaluation

  • Pricing & Price optimisation

  • New product evaluation & concept testing

  • Innovation workshops

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