Fresh air thinking.


Traditional rules of car buying behaviour and established ideas of purchase criteria seem out of touch for the electric vehicle market. Consumers are looking across model segments and weighing considerations of total ownership cost, battery life and renewal cost, tax benefits and environmental conviction. Our approach has called for thinking outside the typical frame of reference concerning consumer’s expectations and category assumptions.


Rethink cost of ownership barriers and help drivers plan around key life-cycle milestones (guarantee duration, replacement price point calculator, battery replacement locations).

We identified key focal points for Nissan and their competitive set and outlined most relevant messaging triggers to appeal to the audience segments. We have also dug deep into the customer journey and purchasing process to build an informative and insightful landscape.


Insights have helped Nissan to target communication and marketing activity towards the most sensitive and receptive segments in the target audience and to improve efficiency in the sales funnel, increasing conversion at key steps.

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