21st Century solutions for healthy living.


Omron offers consumers and healthcare professionals easy to use devices to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, calorie intake and body composition. Understanding the technology is key to a responsible approach to self monitoring and remote diagnosis – and helps the brand deliver the health living promise.


Think beyond the hospital ward and into the home – new markets, new consumer target potential and a new positioning away from the medical and institutionalized world of healthcare.

Whether the consumer’s concerns are the threats of high blood pressure, or overweight, or diabetes, or whether our consumer is in the peak of health, and focused on training to run a marathon, Omron is there to keep them all on track with clear and concise data. No alarm bells and no scary white coats, but accurate, reliable, and easy to use, Omron’s range of products are essential tools for 21st century health and fitness.


Our work with Omron has resulted in a brand that now speaks more directly and more coherently to its consumers. Getting away from the alienation of the clinical and medical, communications and creative is more about a responsible, well-managed attitude to good health and long life.

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