Beyond sushi. Kikkoman for every day.

Many know and love the Kikkoman brand. The iconic bottle design is in every credible sushi restaurant and has ensured widespread recognition. But with more quality soy sauce brands entering the market and price pressure from numerous cheaper competitors, there has never been a question of the brand resting on its laurels. Re-interpreting the premium position has required a big re-think for Kikkoman.

Appeal beyond traditional Asian references and give the brand a new role in the kitchens of Europe’s modern, health conscious cooks.

We have been working with Kikkoman since 2009 to help the brand understand consumers in markets across Europe. It’s meant conducting consumer research in 25 countries, analyzing and interpreting Europe’s diverse food and eating cultures.

We have identified the highest potential consumer segments and given Kikkoman a clear understanding of the most powerful messaging triggers and lifestyle cues to appeal to these audiences. We’ve conducted price sensitivity and trade off analyses to understand exactly what people appreciate most (and what they don’t value) and what price they are happy to pay. And we’ve taken deep dives into specific markets to understand local competitive forces, distribution, pricing and positioning.

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