New premium.


Hyundai has made huge inroads into the consumer mindset – managing to challenge even the most successful and premium brands. But the emotional and the rational are finely balanced when it comes to Europe’s biggest automotive market of Germany.  It was here that we helped Hyundai understand how to position and price the newest flagship SUV model against three of the category’s leading lights.


Appeal to the smart and independent driver and offer a premium styling choice at prices to beat the category.

Research clinic output has been rich and multi-layered, helping to determine launch price for Hyundai’s new model, and understand the real differentiation points for the consumer – what is different and unique and valued. We explored in detail the perceptions and experience of premium for drivers  in the SUV category.


Hyundai is now well placed to target marketing and sales energies towards the right people in the market and to appeal to them at the most effective communication points and with the most compelling messages.

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