Endless discovery for European travellers.


Japan has been growing hugely in popularity as a holiday destination for people from all over the world, but a look behind the good news headline reveals that the biggest increase is coming from the strong economies and the expanding urban middle class elites of the country’s East Asian neighbours. But what’s going to convince the well-travelled and the well-heeled European to consider Japan for a 2 week holiday?


Make the Japan experience tailored, surprising and memorable – unlocking Japan’s endless discovery.

We have researched a wide range of Europeans from students and young professionals through to active senior citizens.  What they share is an interest and desire to visit Japan – some for the first time and a few for a return visit –  but all looking for an experience that will challenge and charm, and be utterly unique for them.


Our work with Visit Japan continues to build understanding of what the European traveller is looking for, supporting the numerous stakeholders at JNTO HQ, JNTO European local offices and JTA and shaping communication strategy through research insights. As momentum builds towards Tokyo 2020, we’ll be actively monitoring how the perception of Japan, and its appeal to Europeans, evolves.

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