What’s on your mind?

Engaging consumers through new technology

Consumers are not afraid to voice their views and demand change from brands, but collecting this valuable consumer opinion, especially among younger age groups and through traditional techniques, has become a challenge.  Put simply, the threshold to filling questionnaires has never been higher.

We have developed several tools to engage consumers using the language they speak and in the places they are present – whether that is the shopping mall, concert hall, theme park or transport hub, we are able to reach large numbers of consumers in a short time frame and get their thoughts and ideas – direct, fresh and unfiltered.

Participants get the satisfaction of airing their views and we collect valuable data to generate new insights.  The interaction is engaging and fast, building positive associations for brands, who are actively listening and inviting their consumers to comment.  We call this tool ‘Mind Touch’.

Our mobile application ‘Mind Shot’ integrates research into consumers’ daily lives. Consumers are offered a variety of tasks to perform.  They decide which tasks they take and are then rewarded based on the tasks completed. The tool is designed primarily for on the ground and in the field checks of how brands are presenting themselves and the network of ‘consumer researchers’ enables fast validation at scale.

By harnessing consumers’ direct participation, we are able to generate fresh and compelling new insights based on first hand evidence of what consumers are buying, using and experiencing in the world around them.

We also deploy tools using QR codes, which means that instant customer satisfaction and feedback can be gathered – perfect for evaluating retail, hospitality and entertainment experiences.

If you’d like to find out more about these tools or other innovative approaches to research,contact Rob.