Brand Attachment Analysis

Brand Attachment Analysis measures five levels of customer experience. These levels are compared across competitive brands to determine strong and weak points, and to focus marketing attention on those parts of the communication where it is needed most. Complete competitive sets of 10 or more brands can be compared and tracked in this way.

In this example, Brand X on first view seems to be the much stronger brand – after all it has 86% awareness compared to Brand Y with just 33%.  However, even though many more people have heard of Brand X, its strength in terms of reliability shows a steep drop off. Brand Y – although known by fewer people – is much better evaluated by those who do know it. If Brand Y can focus energies on awareness building, it’s in good shape to mount a serious challenge to Brand X.

What it does for you:

  • Identifies where in the customer experience brand attachment is strongest and where weaknesses exist.
  • Highlights where the brand needs to focus in order to fulfil customers’ expectations.
  • Enables to refine action plans and communication briefings.

To find out more about our brand attachment tool, contact Rob.