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Customized food – whatever you want

My Muesli has to be the definitive example in the emerging trend of customized foods.  Mix your own organic muesli from 80 ingredients (grains, dried fruits, nuts, and more) and get it delivered straight to your home.  The possible combinations are endless, so you can experiment until you get the perfect mix, share your ideal […]

Hidden value of early rejectors.

It’s never good news when sales don’t follow launch. New car models, long awaited camera upgrades, or new flavour varieties from a much loved food brand are months and years in the planning. We work with brands during the earliest launch phases to understand what’s triggering customers to buy, and what barriers may exist for […]

Pre-loved – the smart choice for stylish young consumers

Something very interesting is happening among fashionable and financially canny young adults.  Highly sensitive to quality, but astute enough not to pay over the odds, this group is embracing second hand shopping and doesn’t hesitate to buy second hand over new brands, or trade in and upgrade their  luxury branded products .

What’s behind the impulse purchase?

The impulse purchase is a conundrum – and by its very definition, something random, unplanned, and for the marketer unpredictable.  There’s more heart than head, more gut than reason, so can we really understand scientifically what prompts and drives impulsive decisions to purchase things, which our rational self tells us we don’t really need?

Europe’s evolving food tastes.

Believe it or not, Europe’s highly diverse culinary traditions and cultures can be clustered into seven remarkably stable and recognizable food and eating segments. We’ve been tracking food and eating habits for more than 6 years across 25 European markets and gained valuable insights into the changing tastes and habits of Europe’s population.

Access to 50 million households.

We recently passed a significant milestone in securing high quality online access to over 50 million households worldwide in over 80 countries. Managing and building quality is an ongoing commitment, but we believe that having control over this part of the research process enables us to be confident in the output and analysis we deliver […]

Esomar’s twenty eight questions for panels.

We are always improving our online research methodology, committed to staying at the forefront of modern market research practice and meeting the most stringent quality control standards. As active ESOMAR members, we believe in actively promoting and adhering to the society’s guidelines and professional standards and in response to ESOMAR’s 28 questions for panels, we’ve taken […]

Social media monitoring.

It’s amazing what you can learn by listening to the unedited chatter of the online world. Very raw and quite unfiltered, the insight from online discussions and comments on blogs, forums, news sites, and product review and comparison sites, and across the social media landscape creates a valuable mirror for even the most confident brand.  […]

10 steps of quality control.

We take quality extremely seriously. And we expect a lot of the panels and partners who work with us all over the world. That’s why we’ve defined 10 steps of quality control to ensure that our respondents are reliable, accurately screened and properly motivated to deliver the highest quality research output. Our quality control process […]

Hello. We’re ADK INSIGHTS.

ADK INSIGHTS is now in business following the merger of sister companies ADK Europe and Knots Research, both fully owned by the ADK Group. Our team based in Amsterdam brings together the multi-market research rigour of Knots Research with the brand and communications planning expertise of ADK Europe to form a new and dynamic offering […]