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What’s on your mind?

Engaging consumers through new technology Consumers are not afraid to voice their views and demand change from brands, but collecting this valuable consumer opinion, especially among younger age groups and through traditional techniques, has become a challenge.  Put simply, the threshold to filling questionnaires has never been higher. We have developed several tools to engage […]

Real driving behaviours

Everyone reacts differently in traffic – and in heavy traffic stress levels and behaviours can vary considerably.  Some switch lane frequently, others doggedly stick to their position; some leave big and cautious gaps between vehicles, whilst others squeeze up close; some get competitive with the vehicle in the adjacent lane, whilst others stay firmly in […]

What are the kids watching?

It’s becoming the holy grail for advertisers targeting children – everyone’s convinced that kids’ media consumption is changing, but few have got the solid facts and data to support the big budget decisions. Do you stay true to TV, with its tried and tested measurement or switch significant budget online? Most agree that TV still […]

Brand Attachment Analysis

Brand Attachment Analysis measures five levels of customer experience. These levels are compared across competitive brands to determine strong and weak points, and to focus marketing attention on those parts of the communication where it is needed most. Complete competitive sets of 10 or more brands can be compared and tracked in this way. In […]

Customer journey dynamics

What’s really happening at each stage of your customer’s purchase journey?  And where can you tailor your message and choose your media to bring the greatest possible return for your marketing investment? To find out more about our methodology for getting the most out of customer journey touch points, contact Rob.

Marketing in a multi-screen world

Millward Brown’s Ad Reaction Report gives a fascinating insight into the use and impact of multiple screens in our increasing online connected lives, including analysis of behaviours such as overlap with tv and screen shifting.  In terms of favourability and attention, TV seems to be out there in the lead, but is clearly supported by […]

Yowk! The perfect soft boiled egg.

British newspapers are full of horror at the launch of the Yowk –  the perfect soft boiled egg.   How can the nation have reached this state?  Isn’t this just another example of marketers and supermarkets selling us something we simply don’t need?  Well, the launch of Yowk reveals less about our ongoing desire for convenience, […]

Data rich. But what about the insights?

Research World highlights the massive growth of big data, and rightly asks the question of how in this flood of data, real and usable insights can still be generated.  Big data isn’t going to disappear and it’s only going to get bigger.  The ability to make big data accessible and digestible is a significant challenge […]

Kaomojis – the world of Japanese emoticons.

With kaomojis you can let the world know just how you’re feeling with a few simple key symbols.  The craze for Japanese emoticons shows no signs of abating with young urbanites in Japan creating and sharing new and more elaborate emoticons every day.  There’s even a new app called Twikao available to download for free from the […]

Information is Beautiful

Kantar’s recent Information is Beautiful Awards showcases some great examples of the art, and science, of stunning information design and data visualization.  From rappers’ vocabulary to Raw Tools, to New York taxis and everything you need to know about planet earth, there’s a great variety of projects featured and all serving to give added inspiration […]